Bluetooth EarPods For Gaming… For less than £20 on sale?!

Excellent All-Rounder & Good For Gaming — Lovely Tone & Balance, with Spoken Word And Music These are “i09” Bluetooth EarPods headphones And, as it turns out ... They’re absolutely Amazing for Gaming...! USB 2.0 Out Port o use the box as a charging pod These have a Lovely Tone & Balance for the Spoken... Continue Reading →

Skyrim SE Mods Death Glitch

Skyrim Special Edition: MODS-CREATED GLITCH? Strange Frost-breath Death Glitch -- Upon reloading, The Dragonborn is either in their last known location OR in the Riverwood Inn... ALWAYS without clothes, ALWAYS without hair... and breathing out long, Frozen breaths until they're quite dead... All as their Mana &Health Bars deplete quickly into nothing... Then, within seconds,... Continue Reading →

ANTHEM — A BioWare Tragedy?

On the surface, Anthem really does look like a Destiny family-member (or clone)... Gone wrong. But at least I did get to play Destiny... In reality — at least going by this experience — it's a weak and badly managed, and the demo was a bad one indeed.

The Andromeda Conundrum

I have played 157 hours (over 3 characters) in Mass Effect: Andromeda now – and after all that time and 2 major patch fixes (this is v 1.06), this game is still... weird. For instance – expressive slowdown whilst on the main ship, The Tempest. Everything on there slows down - whether or not it's... Continue Reading →

Formatting Disk Managment

~ The Joy of Inability To Copy Over 4GB to USB ~ ... And queue sarcasm radar to shatter into a thousand shards of agony...   Note To Self:    Always re-format idiot FAT32 format drives of all and any kind.   Fancy having a system that can't transfer over 4GB! What kind of world... Continue Reading →

Goodbye [God-Awful] Wileyfox…

I loved my Wileyfox Storm. I really respected their stand against general mobile phone manufactures. But now they have clearly lost the plot - and in this instance a once-loyal customer too. I literally got my Swift 2 Plus handset today (day of writing) and I can't even get it to charge. Nor did it... Continue Reading →

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