The Andromeda Dream: Chasing The 4K Mastering Bug

New graphics card. New Game. New Challenge:

To get Mass Effect: Andromeda to run at 4K on reasonable graphics specs with just one little GTX 1060 6GB graphics card by NVIDIA, built and overclocked by ASUS:

~ PC ~ i7-4790K ~ 16GB RAM ~ GTX 1060 6GB OC ~ High/Ultra Specs ~ 4K graphics resolution~ Recorded at 3840 x 2160 ~ 4K Playback ~

You know what? It kinda does. I’ve pushed the card to crying point, but it kind of works, on High-Ultra settings.

It turns out the worst culprits are lighting and shadows – they’re the settings that slow it down. Otherwise the things to watch out for are the HBAO and AA sets – they can get heavy for systems too. 6GB of VRAM gives you a lot of power, though, and the GTX 1060 quite the little workhorse – kicking out way more and far above its weight than I expected it to.

I must admit it was running much better until NVIDIA updated their GeForce drivers [to v. 381.39] – now ME:A doesn’t appear on my GeForce dashboard along with the others, and it doesn’t work quite as well – there’s a lot more slowdown now on the same specs, which wasn’t there before.

The above video runs on the original driver, updated and optimized for it just before the game was released. It looks good and runs well decent specs.

Here is the very first time I turned it on – proving it was on the GeForce dashboard and what it was originally running on, and how character creation used to be – they tweaked it later on:


Then also how it looked like when it was first up and running – I started it down on Medium, so I knew it wouldn’t be overwhelmed the first time I played it. It looked good, even then, too:

*Videos will play in 4K on relevant screens

It infamously had lip-sync issues before the new patch later, but everything else goes really well. Since the driver upgrade, however, I seem to be experiencing problems regardless. Especially with the “alien” races, although some work better than others. Jaal is terrible sometimes, as are most of the Asari.

It doesn’t stop me loving it – I really do love this game. It’s just fun… a little like the very first Mass Effect. The first full playthrough is hard, unnatural, because you’re only just finding your bearings. The second, third and fourth playthroughs get better and better, as you become more familiar with the game, the systems, the characters, the missions, the story, and even the enemies.

It’s a really amazing chance to more make your own story, than just follow the main one – which feels like an interpretive re-hash of the Collector/Prothean/Reapers story all in one place. Andromeda is not all that different from the Milky Way, as it seems that “human nature” really is just “organic nature”, common to all cognitive species in the entire Universe. But what is different is the terrains of each planet,  the challenges of finding ways to explore, exist, co-habit with the natives, and survive this hostile environment where everyone (quite rightly) thinks you’re an alien.

There are 100,000 people from the Milky Way counting on you, Pathfinder Ryder, to give them a world to live, exist and thrive upon. Several were already killed whilst entering Andromeda when they hit the Scurge – including the Andromeda’s original Pioneer. The original human Pathfinder died to save you – as any father would – and the others have been scattered in their Arks, nowhere to be found.

Made Pathfinder without your knowledge or consent whilst you were in a coma, you wake up to find the existence and lives of 100,000 Milky Way people are thus now depending on you, the only known Pathfinder, to do what needs to be done to help them settle into a Galaxy who doesn’t really want any of you.

It’s not about just finding the root of evil in the Galaxy… it’s also simply just about getting people out of their cold little coffins,in Cryo Stasis, and onto a viable planet for them to live on.

And I have them all… here.  On my YouTube Gaming channel.

Or here, on my normal YouTube channel.





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