ANTHEM — A BioWare Tragedy?


Desktop Screenshot 2019.02.03 -


It was Anthem Demo weekend (1-3 February). I wasn’t notified until the 3rd by EA, when I recieved an email about it, so I got in late. It took me much longer than expected to download, and even bothered to make room in my gaming drive for the hefty 40GB of space it required.

Eventually… It was time to try out the new excuse for a game that BioWare thought to replace our beloved Mass Effect with.

In a nutshell… Oh. Dear.

Definitely not enamoured with the game. Constant online presence required, it’s server-based — and based on servers that don’t work, and it takes ages to get in — if at all. Ever.

Desktop Screenshot 2019.02.03 - didn’t help it took the better part of an afternoon and evening to download it. Origins seemed to think 3.75mb/sec was an acceptable speed to download over 40GB worth of game. I can reliably tell you that it is not.

(In the interest of fairness, I must also point out that Elder Scrolls Online managed a reasonable 35.75mb/sec a little later to download some extra updates before playing it… It’s not like, as a gamer, I have a slow bandwidth contract… So, I just can’t imagine how there was such a difference!😠).

And to add insult to injury… It’s First Person. It’s boring. And it’s not Mass Effect. Which really doesn’t help.

I spent forever trying to get into it (as in, not even past the Enter bit, into the beginning of it) in the first place. Then when I did get to start it, it kicked me out twice, saying it couldn’t reach the server, or there was some error or problem.

Between being kicked out, I managed to play a little of the game. What little it would Desktop Screenshot 2019.02.03 - me to play. I couldn’t speak to people, despite them having “[F]” hovering over them — each one coming with a message that they were unavailable during the demo when the key was pressed.

Finally, I managed to just about get to putting on my suit for the first mission… Before it died. Again. Well, to be perfectly precise, it showed me a loading screen for about 15 minutes, where the bar never moved. I ended up getting into the Task Manager and End Tasking its backside, after losing patience with it.

On the surface, Anthem really does look like a Destiny family-member (…or clone). Gone wrong. But at least I did get to play Destiny… 🤔🤨😒 In reality — at least going by this experience — it’s a weak and badly managed, and the demo was a bad one indeed. I spoke to one person, learned nothing, found no reason to keep playing, and very quickly lost interest in attempting to fight with its sorry arse.

Laughingly, after spending so long to see what this was like, and what it was about, I still don’t know what it’s like. And that’s certainly not for any want of trying.

It so very wasn’t worth waiting for the download and ditching a couple of games from my drive!





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