Skyrim SE Mods Death Glitch

Skyrim Special Edition: MODS-CREATED GLITCH?

Strange Frost-breath Death Glitch — Upon reloading, The Dragonborn is either in their last known location OR in the Riverwood InnALWAYS without clothes, ALWAYS without hairand breathing out long, Frozen breaths until they’re quite dead

All as their Mana &Health Bars deplete quickly into nothing… Then, within seconds, they drop to the floor in a heap, DEAD – and the screen goes to reload… Only to start it all again.

And the Cycle continues until you finally quit the damned game.

~ The Dragonborn’s Strangest Frost-Breath Demise ~

This seems to occur every now and again, usually when the game’s Mods have been played around with. For some reason, this seems to happen to me quite often *when I upgrade or add/remove Mods*… But I really don’t know why.

Changing the mods back, or deleting/disabling new/newly updated ones seems to put it “back to normal”, and it loads normally after that.

But this particular one, well… this seems to happen because a few certain mods are **No Longer Available in the Mods Store & Have Been Removed** — So, I can hardly help that, or do anything about it…

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